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Linda Helena

Gabriel Gomiero
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"Unidos Colores" (United Colors) is a film and photo project exploring what diversity in Hispanic culture means, with insights, hopes and aspirations for the future of inter-cultural acceptance and universal progress toward looking beyond skin color...

"Todos somos uno" - we are all the same.


Directed, Photographed And Scored By: Timothy Elias Wright

Styling: Michaela Dosamantes

Makeup: Georgi Sandev

Hair: Mari + Hiro

Nails: Echi

Casting: David Chen

Producer: Dante Frongillo + Helena Seward

Director Of Photography: Matthew Shroeder

1st Assistant Camera: Richard Martin

Gaffer: Jesse Newton

Edited by: Alexa Marie-Jean c/o Saint George Studio

Modelos: Linda Helena / IMG /// Leonardo Dieter / He /// Juana Burga / Lions /// Gabriel Gomiero / Heroes /// Afrodita Dorado / Lions /// Jan Carlos & Hector Diaz / Request /// Marina Nery / IMG /// Jordan Legassa / Heroes /// Amelia Rami / Heroes /// Leticia Orchanheski / One /// Valentine Rontez / IMG  

©2024 Timothy Elias Wright

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